Lancaster Law Office helps families provide excellent care for their elders, and make well-considered decisions on their behalf, when circumstances prevent the elder from making such decisions himself or herself.

When a decision-maker must step in for an elder at the end of life, that person frequently confronts legal and practical issues with which he or she is unfamiliar.  We provide knowledge of end of life legal processes and practical problem-solving expertise with the difficult decisions about appropriate care in declining health, care facilities and personnel, and pace of change for the elder.

We assist attorneys-in-fact (the person appointed under a Durable Power of Attorney) in meeting their obligations to keep financial records, to make reasoned health care decisions, and to optimize the life circumstance of their loved one.  We have built a network of provider referrals for the psychological and spiritual care of persons facing the end of their lives, as well as day-to-day care providers and geriatric care managers.  From among those professionals, we help family members charged with the care of an aging relative to form a team that supports the family and elder.

In rare cases, a client may have no appropriate family member or friend to serve as the client's attorney-in-fact.  In such cases, Brad may consent to serve in that capacity.  When he does so, Brad uses a collaborative team approach to his duties.  Brad creates an elder care team for the elder, which he manages.  Often the care team includes a geriatric care manager, a counselor for the elder's psychological needs, a bookkeeper and a certified public accountant to keep the elder's finances and taxes in order, and an assortment of day-to-day caregivers to create a vibrant and active world for the elder.  Brad manages the team, and provides legal expertise for the elder's world.

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