Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brad’s philosophy of practice?
A competent attorney’s labor consists primarily in negotiating workable compromises and drafting conflict-avoiding language.  Human conflicts portend not only dangers, but also promise.  Conflict, well-managed and honestly-brokered, precedes needed change in people, relationships, and institutions.  Persistent human conflicts should be managed in private forums, with the assistance of persons possessed of substantial interpersonal skills.  Emotions matter at least as much as issues and facts in resolving human disputes.  Courts exist to end intractable conflicts and should be the forum of last resort.  Litigation benefits no one except attorneys.  Litigated solutions necessarily involve coercion, forcing unchosen change on unwilling participants.  The results dismay.  When litigation cannot be avoided, courtesy and candor must temper advocacy.  Ethical probity and personal trustworthiness are the essence of practicing law.

Will I be charged for my initial phone call to Lancaster Law Office?
Brad will speak with you briefly about your matter by telephone.  You will be charged his usual hourly rate for this initial telephone consultation only if you hire Brad to represent you.  Brad tries to return all calls the same day, but always does so within twenty-four hours.

What will I be charged for legal services?
Lancaster Law Office bills attorney hours at $400.00, paralegal hours at $200.00, and clerical hours at $100.00, in one-tenth (0.10) hour increments, with a one-tenth (0.10) hour minimum per event.  Costs are billed without markup.  Copies are $0.25 per copy.  We invoice monthly.  We undertake representation only by written fee agreement.

Tell me about working with Brad and Kim.
Lancasters prefer informality with their clients.  Brad and Kim stress communication.  Both are very organized people.  Lancasters copy all documents sent or received in your matter to you (with the exception of collaborative divorce professional-team-only communications).  You will receive Lancaster’s home telephone number for emergencies.  You will be treated as an important person, because you are important.  Brad believes that you are his boss, and he your trusted advisor.  Express yourself.

Tell me about Lancasters.
Brad and Kim care about people.  Brad uses his intelligence to make peace.  Brad can be confrontational when he becomes convinced someone (even a client) needs redirection.  Kim is a Washington Limited License Legal Technician, who has her own cases and clients.  Kim mediates for divorcing couples and provides support for personal representatives in probate administration.  Kim also manages many details around the office.  She is a warm conversationalist and a person of quiet courage.  Kim recently commenced studies as a Rule 6 intern.  After four years of successful courses, Kim will be qualified to sit for the Washington Bar Examination.

Tell me about David Johnson.
David came to Lancaster Law Office as Brad's paralegal in 2016.  David has keen mind and produces thorough work.  Our clients value David deeply, as do Kim and Brad.  David cares about people's circumstances, and interacts with clients and staff with warmth and humor and compassion.