Information that May Help

At any given moment, some of us are stumbling.  I offer links to websites that I have found helpful:

Addiction.  Intoxicants can take control of your life.  If you suffer addiction to a substance, you will find information and referrals on this website to help you regain control of your life:

Unemployment.  Jobs come and go.  If yours has gone and neglected to come back, Goodwill may be able to help:

Homelessness.  If you lack basic shelter, consult: or

Health Care.  We all get sick.  If you cannot afford care, visit

Domestic Violence.  If you are fleeing domestic violence, consider information contained at this website:   New Beginnings 24-hour help line:  206-522-9472,  OR Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County,, 24-hour help line:  425-252-2873.

Suicide.  In stress, depression looms.  Depression makes dying sound desirable.  Before you take irremediable steps, please call the Crisis Clinic:  206-461-3222.

Depression and Psychological Illness.  If you are depressed or have other mental illness challenges, call Lutheran Community Services, 1-800-509-0515, or Presbyterian Counseling Service, 206-527-2266.  You will also find help with psychological problems at

Unanswered Questions about Community Resources Available to You.  If you do not know where to turn to answer your questions or find help, call the Community Information Line:  1-800-621-4636.  They know everything about almost everything.

Human Beings.  If you need to talk with a human being, there are two at Lancaster Law Office:  206-367-3122.