What Should I Say In My Funeral Instructions?

In your funeral instructions, you should state whether or not you wish to be an organ donor.  The medical community is finding creative and helpful uses for more and more sorts of tissue.  You will want to consider whether organ or tissue donation is appropriate for you.  You might help someone.

You will also want to specify the disposition of your body.  Most people in Washington state choose cremation, probably because it is less expensive.  Other select burial.  If you have a religious tradition with specific requirements, you will want to note that tradition and those specifications in your funeral instructions.

Finally, you may instruct your personal representative as to what sort of funeral or memorial you might prefer.  In my view, a person creating funeral instructions should leave these matters to the discretion of their personal representative.  You will not be at your funeral.  Let your personal representative assess the needs of your survivors and fashion an appropriate event, if any.  It is, however, your funeral or memorial.  You may instruct your personal representative as you believe appropriate.