When Can an Elder Receive Medicaid Assistance?

Medicaid is a federal program providing income support and medical cost assistance to certain categories of persons who otherwise qualify for Medicaid.  Eligibility requirements among the states differ, but all fall within a general framework.

An elder seeking assistance with the expenses of long term nursing care at the end of life may qualify for Medicaid assistance with those expenses if the elder has $2,000 or less, a home, and a vehicle, but no other assets, including assets that have been transferred to another person with the last sixty months.  This generalized statement of Medicaid eligibility suffers many exceptions and qualifications.  An elder seeking Medicaid assistance should review the materials contained at https://www.cms.gov/medicaideligibility/01_Overview.asp#TopOfPage.

Medicaid payments made on behalf of an elder’s long term care needs must be repaid to the government upon the death of the elder, under most circumstances.  RCW 43.20B.080.

Medicaid assists just under sixty percent of all nursing home residents (2010).