What Is the Long Term Care Ombudsman?

The state office of long term care ombudsman protects the rights and interests of residents, patients, and clients of long term care facilities.  The ombudsman accesses records of long term care facilities to analyze data about long term care facilities.  RCW 43.190.030.  Ombudsmen are trained in gerontology, long term care, the legal system, and dispute resolution.  RCW 43.190.040.  A long term care ombudsman identifies, investigates, and resolves complaints of residents relating to the residents’ health, safety, welfare, and rights.  RCW 43.190.060.  The ombudsman may refer matters needing further action to any government agency and the Department of Social and Health Services.  RCW 43.190.070.  Persons who report information to the long term care ombudsman are protected against discrimination, discipline, or retaliation related to their disclosures.  No one can sue the ombudsman for actions the ombudsman takes or information she discloses in good faith.  RCW 43.190.090.  No ombudsman records may be disclosed without the consent of the person involved, unless the names of the individuals are withheld.  RCW 43.190.110.

King County Ombudsman
King County Long Term Care Ombudsman
1501 North 45th Street
Seattle, WA 98103-6708
Phone: 206.623.0816

Pierce County Ombudsman
Pierce County Human Services
3580 Pacific Ave.
Tacoma, WA 98418
Phone: 253-798-3789 or 206-624-8460 x 3789 (800-642-5769)
Fax: 253-798-3812
Email: khausra@co.pierce.wa.us

Snohomish County Ombudsman
Snohomish County Division on Aging
2722 Colby Ave.
Everett WA. 98201
Phone: 425-388-7393 or 800-560-0552
Fax: 425-388-7304
Email: michal.glauner@co.snohomish.wa.us