How Shall I Tell My Children About My Divorce?

Divorce fractures the lives of children.  The storm breaks upon them unbidden.  Children are ill-equipped to cope with the tumultuous emotions their parents are experiencing in divorce.  Often, children suffer terribly, and feel alone or responsible.  Your divorce may injure your children.  Or your divorce may prove be a difficult, but survivable, major life event for your children.  The difference between the two outcomes lies in the attitudes of divorcing parents, and their shared commitment to smooth a path through parental separation for their children.  Make your divorce an instance of meaningful adult change, rather than a petty war or savage rampage.  Making peace in divorce can commence with telling your children about the divorce.  That's something to do together.

JoAnne Pedro-Carroll has written beautifully of telling your children about your divorce and preparing them to weather the changes they will experience.  She (and her publisher) have graciously permitted me to offer Dr. Pedro-Carroll's chapter on this subject for your review and benefit.  The link below takes you to a selection from Dr. Pedro-Carroll's book, which will help you keep focus on your children during and after your divorce.  Dr. Pedro-Carroll's book is called:  Putting Children First:  Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through DivorceClick here to read Dr. Pedro-Carroll's thoughts on telling your children about your divorce.  You will also profit from materials contained or referenced at Dr. Pedro-Carroll's website: